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Environment - Wet Spot 4 - The Coningsby Lane Shambles
Drainage update 27 - 03.09.2019 - Wet Spot 4 - The Coningsby Lane Shambles

A Final Update

The project to try and do something about the Coningsby Lane shambles is now finally complete. It has taken around 17 years to achieve - the last 10 years of that as OGAFCA Environment (drainage). The deep brick pattern indentation on my forehead can now finally begin to fade !

The contractors did a fine job and carried it out with good-humoured courtesy and without having to close the footpath to the very many residents who regularly use this route heading north from Coningsby Lane. There are one or two individuals who were instrumental in achieving this outcome and they deserve thanks.

Our local Ward Borough Councilor, David Coppinger, has managed on several occasions over the years to obtain a response from Council Officers when several months of repeatedly asking for information and answers to questions achieved absolutely nothing. He was also extremely helpful over the years in setting up meetings with both Council Officers and Councilors which were crucial to long term progress.

The person who must receive the most credit was a young man called Michael Llewelyn - an RBWM employee who became project manager. Once Michael picked up the reins things suddenly kicked into gear and responses that once either took months to obtain or never came at all now arrived in a day or two. Thank you Michael !

We are currently waiting to hear about the possibility of installing a couple of lockable vehicle barrier posts in the entrance to the route northward because it is now probably more attractive to Travellers than it was before. But the status for this particular "wet spot" has now been changed to GREEN after being RED for very many years.

There are of course still several "wet spots" with RED status which need to be dealt with.

Rod Lord - ex OGAFCA  Environment (Drainage)
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